Where Every Cup Tells a Story.
Where Every Cup Tells a Story.
Where Every Cup Tells a Story.
Where Every Cup Tells a Story.
Where Every Cup Tells a Story.

Welcome to 25 Main Street Cafe

Korean Food In Salt Lake,Kolkata

Located at Salt Lake, Kolkata, 25 Main Street Cafe is a prominent coffee shop and a hub for food lovers. This budding spot in Salt Lake, Kolkata has made its own place in the competition of new generation Korean Food In Salt Lake, Kolkata. If you are a resident of Kolkata looking for a place to relax with friends or a tourist who came to taste the most delicious continental or Korean dishes – 25 Main Street Cafe will exceed your expectations.

Korean cafes have become very famous globally due to their unique environment, delicious food, and social and historical importance. This trend is taken to Kolkata by the 25 Main Street Cafe which takes a part of Korean culture to the city’s Salt Lake area. Boasting of a friendly environment, a well-prepared menu, and a very comfortable setting, the cafe is among the best places for a unique culinary experience.

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Situated in one of the most strategic positions in Salt Lake, 25 Main Street Café goes further than a restaurant; it is an icon. From the outside, coming in, the atmosphere of our place  warm and comfortable, more so the Korean theme. The dim lights, the rather cozy sofas and chairs, and the neotenic choice of materials for the locations’ design make it possible to have a good time and communicate on the couch as on a sofa.

The food served is the traditional Korean food such as Rameon, Tteoboki, Rabokki, Kimbap, Dakganjeong Crispy Chicken and so on meals which are made from the natural and fresh products as required by the traditional Korean cuisine. Moreover, meals range from Korean and/or fusion of Korean and Indian options, designed for Korean people with a preference to a number of spices that Indians use in their foods. You shouldn’t also lose their signature drinks and phenomenal desserts like the Bingsu and Matcha Cheesecake that somewhat sweet the several dishes.

Another factor that stands out at 25 Main Street Cafe is that client satisfaction is always considered. The cafe has a professional team who promptly attend to guests’ needs and ensure all of them leave happier. It also includes cultural activities such as live music performances during dinners which add on extra enthusiasm to their meals.

This laid back cafe is situated in Salt Lake, Kolkata, making it easily reachable via public transport and even has adequate parking space for cars, and the warm friendly nature of employees and the beautiful interiors make it a Korean Food In Salt Lake,Kolkata with a taste for Korean, Continental and Chinese cuisine. No matter whether you are stopping by for a cup of coffee, a bratwurst lunch, or booking a private evening party, this cafe’s uniqueness and high quality are obvious.

Why we are the best in Salt Lake, Kolkata

When it comes to selecting the ideal café experience, here’s why 25 Main Street Café stands out as the best cafe in Salt Lake

Great Ambience

25 Main Street Café cuts a balance between an old-world charm and modern art. Designed with the cream-white and green makings of a movie brunch combined with postcolonial carvings in the wall, the high ceilings of our cafe overlook a story in its structure, lit through glass walls which open to a garden. With live plants everywhere, upcycled wood furniture, cane lamps, classic paintings from famous artists (copies sourced from Guggenheim NYC, MOMA New York, The Met New York etc) this place will elevate your meal in the urban jungle of Salt Lake

Gourmet Coffee, Tea and Cold Concoctions

You’ll always catch the aroma of freshly ground and brewed coffee in our space: we’re always brewing. Our coffee beans come from Riverdale and Ratnagiri estates. Tea leaves come from Gopaldhara tea estate in Darjeeling. We do custom latte art, and we boast more than 35 choices of coffee with more to come. You’re bound to find a favourite! By mid-May we would be launching a range of innovative summer coolers.

Continental, Asian and Fusion Dishes

Besides our staple vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, our chefs like to experiment with recipes and keep serving up new dishes on a regular basis. Check out our new Korean menu! All our food items are made from branded raw materials and acquired fresh. No frozen to fryer dishes are served.


The Café is nestled in the quiet neighbourhood of Salt Lake, Kolkata. Located less than a km from EM Bypass and Ultadanga Rail Station. Being almost next to the PNB traffic Island, in Salt Lake, there is a nonstop availability of public transport. It is a little more than a km from Salt Lake City Center 1 Metro Station.

Private Event Space

We have a space to hold private parties like birthdays, anniversaries, get-togethers with specially curated menus. All equipment required to hold your own gigs, be it music, magic shows, or stand-up comedy, can be easily arranged.


We are located on a quiet side street off the main road, which provides us with ample free parking space.

Outdoor Garden

A small outdoor garden shaded with grown trees and decorated with seasonal plants provides a very pleasant outdoor seating area.

Live Music

The Café comes to life on Friday and Saturday evenings with Live Music, mostly with local talents who bring in slow Hindi, Bengali and English melodies that reverberate across our floor.

Old World Service

Step in to experience our service. We personally interact with each patron to understand their preference and serve accordingly. We try our best to ensure that everyone leaves with happy memories. It is not surprising that we are one of the highest rated cafes in Salt Lake area

Kolkata's Best Cafe in Salt Lake

Get a premium café experience at 25 Main Street Café, a café in Salt Lake. Our menu boasts a selection of exquisite coffees, from robust Cappuccinos to silky Espressos, accompanied by an array of savory snacks, delectable pastries, and tempting desserts. In addition to our coffee offerings, we feature authentic Korean dishes such as Bibimbap, Kimchi Fried Rice, and Korean BBQ, providing a unique culinary journey. Our fusion delights blend Korean and Indian flavors, catering to diverse tastes and adding a special twist to traditional favorites. Crafted for those who appreciate the finer things in life, our offerings are perfect for any time of day. Whether for a leisurely catch-up or a quick refresh, let our welcoming ambiance be the backdrop for your moments. Our café also serves as an event venue, hosting cultural events and live music nights that enrich your dining experience with entertainment and cultural immersion. Don’t miss out—call us to reserve your table and elevate your café experience at this Korean Spot in Salt Lake, Kolkata.

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